Multichannel Publishing

People want to find information that suits their interests and lifestyle. In the digital world we live in, everybody has personal preferences. Reading the newspaper at the office, viewing the latest news on a smartphone, or receiving a push message on a tablet: It should all be possible. Multichannel publishing with Integrated makes it easy to publish content on different channels.

Publish wherever and whenever you want

With Integrated, you choose through which channels you want to distribute your content. This way, your content will reach the right target groups with ease. Publish on your own website, in an app, through a tweet, in a RSS feed or in a magazine. The possibilities are endless as you can add the channels of your choice yourself.

Link channels flexibly

The ability to reach your target audience on their channel of preference means that your content is more relevant. Consequently, more attention is paid to your content. You can add unlimited online or offline channels to Integrated with ease. Segment your target groups so that your content fits the needs of your audience seamlessly.


Achieve optimal SEO results

Prevent that search engines classify your content as duplicate content by simply indicating the main channel.



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