One database for Content and Data

Integrated can take some of your tasks off your hands, so that you have more time to do what you do best: creating content. Integrated makes it easy to create, manage and publish content, all within a central content database. This database can be set up in the way that suits your editorial team and organization best.


Built-in Content Model

Integrated makes multichannel publishing easy. Share your content flexibly and keep the overview due to the combination of the extensive content database and the built-in content model. The content model includes content types such as articles, files, images, videos, taxonomy and more.

Flexible Adjustment

With Integrated you have the storage of your content completely under control. The content database is not only a central place for your entire team to store all content, but can make your work easier or even take over unnecessary and repetitive tasks completely. The content database helps you with SEO, selecting the right content or organizing related content.

Search, edit and organize content.

Content is stored in the central database. Users with the right roles and capabilities can have access to the content that is required at any moment, at any time. With the extensive search function and filter options, the desired articles, photos and videos can be found in an instant. Link content items manually or automatically through a bulk action to a taxonomy with. That way, you can find the right selection of content items with ease.

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