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Integrated is an open-source software product that is used by publishers who want to manage from, and distribute content in one central location. After 20 years of experience in building customized solutions for both large and small publishers and media companies, e-Active has created Integrated.

Innovation, renewal and scalability

As we mainly build customized solutions, we saw that several publishers had similar needs. The need for a central storage of content and one user-friendly system: that is what Integrated offers. By using the basis of Integrated for further development, we can easily respond to new developments in the market.

Because Integrated is fully customizable, it is completely scalable as well. Integrated will suit the needs of every publisher. From 1 GB of storage to 2 TB or even more, it is all possible.


Transparency: an open source product

We understand that you as a publisher need full control over your content and website. With Integrated, you are able to stay in control. Integrated is an Open Source platform, so even your own developers can work on it by checking, managing and changing the code. Therefore you can enjoy optimal freedom. Would you like assistance from our own skilled developers who know the product through and through? That too is possible as well.



We are aware that receiving support when it really matters is crucial. That is why we are always available for questions, suggestions or comments, so you will never be left with uncertainties.

Our professionals help you as quickly and as well as possible. Does Integrated not offer the solution for your problem yet? Then we create a solution, and we can even build it for you. This way Integrated will be the best match for your organization.


Integrated: created by e-Active

The driving force behind Integrated is the company e-Active. For almost 20 years our motivated and highly skilled team of 15 employees has been building custom-made solutions for publishers. We see trends and developments up close through our involvement with publishers.



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